Enabling Students TODAY, Creating Change FOREVER

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Weekend Fuelbag


1 in 5 children in BC are living in poverty.

In British Columbia, 1 in 5 children are living in poverty. It affects the families of over 200 000 children. There is a direct link between malnourishment, poor health and improper education.

We give children food every weekend, 52 weeks a year, to allow students to come to school healthy and ready to learn. By supporting Weekend Fuelbag you are enabling students to take control of circumstances they did not decide and allowing them to break the cycle of poverty.


“I don’t know what I would do without it”


Weekend Fuelbag gives children in need the ability to acquire the food they deserve as defined by essential human needs and thus create more prosperity for themselves in the future. Although the program is anonymous we have heard many stories such as students having to hide the food they receive in their cars or their parents may take it, sell it, and buy substances with it. There are unfathomable situations that exist in our own communities and within our friends that most people do not know about. Weekend Fuelbag enables students now so they can become successful students and develop into amazing members of our communities.


We currently help 80 students at 9 different high schools and middle schools in Langley. There is a waiting list of 25 students. Weekend Fuelbag is made possible by the generous funding of our sponsors and partners to continue to grow and help as many students to achieve a brighter future.

Our vision is that all students have access to the same opportunities to be successful. It takes a caring community to create change, every person can, and must step up and be the difference-maker that will benefit all of society.



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